4×4 Matrix Keypad Membrane Switch

 120.00  105.00

Specification & Features:

  1. Ultra-thin design & adhesive backing provides easy integration to any project
  2. Excellent price-performance ratio
  3. Easy communication with any microcontroller
  4. 5 pins 2.54mm pitch connector, 4x 4type 16 keys.
  5. Sticker can peel off for adhesive mounting.
  6. Operating Voltage (V): 12 DC

Quantity based pricing table

MinMaxUnit Price
14 105.00
59 100.00
1019 90.00
20And more. 85.00


This DC 12V 4×4 Matrix Keypad Membrane Switch is high-quality soft touch feeling button keypad with 100 million life-stroke lifespans and good resistance to environmental conditions.

This DC 12V 4×4 Key Matrix Membrane Switch Keypad is a high-quality product at very low cost for your application needs.

This 16-button keypad provides a useful human interface component for microcontroller projects. Convenient adhesive backing provides a simple way to mount the keypad in a variety of applications.

The Keypad 4×4 features a total of 16 buttons in Matrix form. This is a membrane keypad with no moving parts. A female 8-pin Berg connector is required for interfacing it with your microcontroller circuits.


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