Unlimited access to electronics components for doing own projects for your colleges/school.



We provide open hands-on training for our EP-Member. Our team will guide to completion on Project.


We are providing proper guidance to reach their destination. They can come and do some innovative projects.


You have done some innovative project - GREAT! We will approach your project to industrial level.


Build some innovative project from our lab and we will provide Funding for your Product. COME - LEARN - BUILD -SHARE!


Venue at Kolkata, West Bengal

SPECIAL OFFER ! Registration @ 500 /- inr

FIll up the form Below !


Kindly read our guidelines before joining this Club.

We,EProjectbox are welcoming to join the EP Club. Basically this club is made not only for Engineers but also a Electronics lover can come and join our lab to create some innovative things to the World! and for the World!

Why We started this?

First of all we don't want to make this club. We were happy with our Electronics Project blogs and articles. But at that meanwhile we met some students who want to need their guidance for their project. So one, Two, Threee ... after one week we got 5 team members who are willing to join us for doing their project. So we started our journey as EP CLUB !

How to join our club?

It is very simple. Just fill up the form above >>Link and we will review your profile. We will call you and make some conversation Don't Worry! no Serious question... After that you will recieve our EP Member id and you will get chance to join our team.

What is the Registration Fees and payment Terms?

First of all please Select Proper Membership term in that above form. *EP Elite: It contains monthly rental subscription at 300/- inr and one time registration Fee of 500/- inr. At the registration time you will be received Safety kit, Freebies from our store. *EP Advance: If you want to build your project for college final year project or commercial purpose, you must select this plan. There are no registration fees in EP Advance member. only we charge 20.00/- inr per hour.

What is the timing of entering the club?

*EP Elite: Actually, as this is a club there is no such a time schedule. Just pick your time any two days of a week and come our club. Learn and enjoy.

*EP Advance: As there is no such a monthly rental fee so just take your time when you want to build your project and come into our lab to build up your dream.

What Facilities  EProjectbox provided?

EPClub is founded only for Electronics Enthusiast who really love electronics. We open our platform to making their own projects with their own creative ideas, we only provide them:- Guidance, Components, Funding, and commercialization.

  • Don't take tension if any components damaged, We will provide you another one during the project.
  • We guide you for your project and help you to find out the solution to your problem.
  • We approach your project to a commercial level with Patent and Funding if you make your project innovative.
  • Learn at your own way and build your product for the society.

Should I bring my project?

Yes! Of course, if you really satisfy your project, you can bring that project to your home and showcase your project to another project competition. You have to pay the Just Making Cost (Also you will get an overview of your product price. Don't Pay the Damaged product, pay on the present kit only) of the project.

Or our platform also showcases your project you can participate in that project competition also.

If I want to commercial my project?

Don't worry! if your idea gets innovative and economical friendly, we will approach your project to the higher authority to making it commercial along with the guidance and funding.

What happend if I want to cancel my membership?

Don't worry! We are sorry to let you go. You have to apply Membership Cancelation Request at our contact team and your membership will be deactivated for 30 days! If you want to rejoin our club you don't have to pay the registration fee again.

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