How to make 7 Segment Digit at your home

Making 7 segment Digit at your home is the simple and easy project to start your college project. This article will help you to build 7 Segment Display at your home using simple IC555 timer and Breadboard. 

7 Segment Digit
Basic Pin diagram of 7 Segment Display

Circuit Diagram of 7 Segment display

How to make 7 segment display

Set Wise guide to making 7 Segement Display

7 Segment Display
Step-1: Place the IC555 Timer at the middle of the Breadboard


How to make 7 Segment Digit
Step-2: Connect LED with the Circuit as per circuit Diagram


Step-3: Final Step to Connect all the Connection and add LED indicator

N.B.: 1K Resistor is connected with the 7 Segment Digit but you have to connect 100K resistor with the IC555 timer.

Final Output of 7 Segement Digit Display:

How to make 7 segment display using transistor

You can change the place of resistance to change the output of 7 Segment Display.

See tutorial for understanding the Videos:

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