Introduction Of Pirani Gauge

Pirani gauge is a huge thermal conductivity gauge which is used to measure pressure in vacuum systems. Construction Of Pirani Gauge: It consists of two wire filaments. One filament serves as a reference and it is sealed in evacuated glass. The other filament is kept in a container which is attached to the source pressure. These two filaments are known …

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Introduction of Linear Variable Differential Transformer or LVDT

The meaning of the Linear Variable Differential Transformer or LVDT tells the most about the instrument. Linear– The input-output characteristic is linear. Variable– The position of a core is variable. Differential– The output voltage is a difference of two voltages. Transformer-The construction of a transformer is applied here. The device measures the displacement and defection of a body. This device …

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Introduction of Resistance Temperature Detector or RTD

Introduction of Resistance Temperature Detector or RTD

The resistance of RTD changes with respect to the temperature change. This nothing but a thermometer which shows the temperature change with the change of its resistance. The RTD requires an electric power supply. It works in the opposite way to the thermistor. Because the thermistor has a negative res-temp coefficient but the RTD Has positive res-temp coefficient. Construction of …

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Introduction of Rotameter

introduction of rotameter

Rotameter is a variable area type industrial flowmeter which is used to measure the flow rate of the fluid in a closed tube. In 1998, Karl Kueppers invented the rotameter which can measure the flow rate of fluid in a wide range. Construction of rotameter:- In this flowmeter weighted float or plummet contained in an upright (vertical) tapered tube. The …

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Introduction of Potentiometer

Introduction of Potentiometer:    A potentiometer is a kind of set up that has enormous use electrical and electronic world. It is available in so many different formats. They are such as AC potentiometer, DC potentiometer. These are widely used in the potential divider, voltage regulator etc. The potentiometers are often used to calibrate Voltmeters, Ammeters, wattmeter, Energy meters etc. …

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Introduction on 555 Timer

555 timer is an active integrated circuit, which was invented by Hans Camenzind(1971).555 timer is basically a multivibrator circuit(flip-flop element). Multivibrator and CMOS Oscillators can be constructed from the discrete components to produce an oscillator basically pulsating output. A relaxation oscillator producing stabilized waveforms of various duty cycle from 50 to 100%.To form a 555 timer circuit basically, there are …

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